rose sabin

In 2011, I discovered the power of yoga while attending my first vinyasa flow class.  I went to yoga for the workout; I wanted to get fit and lose a few pounds.  But I kept coming back to the practice because I quickly learned that yoga is not just a work out, it's a "work in."  Slowly, the negative soundtracks of unworthiness in my head were replaced with feelings of self-love.  As I discovered this new pathway to peace, I recognized it as a means of healing and I wanted to share it with others.  I received my 200 yoga teacher training certification from Inner Bliss Yoga (in Cleveland) in May of 2014.

After sharing my passion for yoga over the last seven years, it is now time for me to introduce to our community my OTHER passion - indoor cycling!   I starting my cycling journey back in 2016 with Bob Nemo, at Psycle Therapy in Westlake.  Through Bob's amazing and inspirational instruction, I was able to accomplish much on the bike, both physically and mentally.Where yoga offered me hope and healing, cycling offered me the strength and perseverance I needed to overcome my battle with breast cancer in 2017-2018.My enthusiasm and devotion to indoor cycling lead me to become a certified spinning instructor with Mad Dogg Athletics in February, 2020.Today, I am on a mission to be of service to others while doing the things I love most.  I am very proud of the two yoga studios we launched (Westlake in 2016 and Catawba in 2018) as well as the budding yoga community we have built.  Now, I am blessed and honored to be able to bring Soul Stretch Cycle Spin & Fitness Studio to the community of Port Clinton, as well.

What's at the Core:  As a breast cancer survivor and the wife of a recovering alcoholic, I am grateful for everything God has given to me, taken from me, and left me with.  I believe how you do one thing is how you do everything, so give everything 110%.
Personal Mantra:  Do What You Love
Favorite Fellow Warriors: my husband, Mother Teresa, Oprah Winfrey.
Good for the Soul:  When I'm not teaching yoga or spin classes at one of our studios, I live for quiet walks in the woods, lazy summer afternoons afloat on our pontoon boat, trips to Maui, travels through Italy, a good book by the fire, an entire winter's day spent cooking, afternoon coffee with my husband and lots of warm, fuzzy moments with my mutts.

john davenport

Called to Service:  I was led into the yoga family kicking and screaming to make my wife, Diana, happy.  Over the years, I watched as her pediatric dental practice left her nearly physically incapacitated.  As she began to practice yoga, she kept describing the physical and mental benefits of practicing on a regular basis.  I slowly watched her mind and body transform as she grew as a yoga instructor.  The turn-around for her was astounding.  I am also very physically active, having earned my black belt in mixed martial arts at the age of 57 and as an active, very competitive tennis player. Approaching my 70th year on this beautiful earth, I needed help keeping up with the younger, more active players.  I slowly began to understand that those same benefits could be transferred to me as well as I began to take yoga seriously.  Yoga has transformed my life.  I am mentally more adept at meeting life’s stresses, while improving my tennis game beyond all expectations.  I want that same transformation for everyone I meet, whether through yoga, meditation, spinning, or anything that comes with the yoga lifestyle.

What's at the Core:  As a retired USAF Command Pilot assigned to some of the most horrendous regions of this planet, I came away with mental trauma that threatened to end my life.  My PTSD was aggravated by the death of my 20-year-old daughter, Shannon, who succumbed to leukemia. I know that each and every day is a gift from God.  
Personal Mantra:  Giving is much better than taking.
Favorite Fellow Warriors:  Diana Athena Kyrkos; my mentor, wife, and partner in life.  The memory of Shannon Lea Davenport, who fought the toughest battles with humor, graciousness, and strength measured way beyond her very few years.
Balancing Act off the Mat:  Forgiveness and acceptance of myself as a good person
Good for the Soul:  I devote my spare time to composing and performing original musical compositions.  I recently formed a trio that showcases some of the over 190 songs that I have written.  Songs are poems put to music.  They offer glimpses of the beautiful light shining inside through the ugly cracks that help define our true character.

Dr. diana kyrkos davenport

Cleveland Yoga 200-hour certification 2017
Y12SR certified space holder 2019
Yoga Farm 500-hour certification 2021
Madd Dogg Spin Instructor 2022
Mantra: “I never lose. I either win or learn.”  Nelson Mandela
This is such a great mantra to live by since failure is so informative.  With each failure,I pick myself up and try again with so much more knowledge.  I call it falling forward. I attended my first yoga class in 2004.  It was taught by Kimberly Payne who gave me my love of yoga. I was diagnosed with cervical vertebrae herniations, and bulges caused by poor posture. I was having chronic pain and I wanted to avoid surgical intervention.  Kim’s teaching methods helped me tremendously. I met Rose in 2017 at an outdoor yoga class and I instantly felt that I had known her for decades. Ironically, Kimberly Payne was also Rose’s first yoga instructor.

I have been practicing Pediatric dentistry since1991.  It is a profession that I love but dentistry was horrible on my back and neck. Add on downhill skiing, long distance running, crew, tennis, and high impact aerobics and I had caused some severe cervical spine issues at a young age. When I participated in an activity, I gave 100%.  The phrase “recreational sport” was not part of my vocabulary.

The practice of yoga corrected my posture and strengthened my spine.  It gave my back the flexibility it had decades ago.  I started practicing self-acceptance and most importantly the dhyana (meditation) limb of my yoga practice cleared my mind, slowed my jumbled thoughts and I became “balanced”. Once I stopped rushing through my day, all the sudden more time in my life appeared.  I changed from being a human doing to a human being.

In addition to dentistry, yoga and spin, I enjoy being on the talk circuit to various groups in the medical profession discussing “How My Yoga Practice Saved My Dental Practice.” I believe that God has a plan for all of us and my twisted road led me to Soul Stretch.  I am married to John Davenport who is my partner in crime.  The beach is my sacred space, so I love anything on the water from paddle boarding, kayaking, boating and scuba diving.  At Soul Stretch, you will find me at both the yoga and spin studios. I love 80’s music so I play it…a lot.

Aliyah phillabaum

Called to Service: Growing up I loved playing different types of sports and being physically active. In high school I played volleyball and ran track. I’ve always loved creating new workouts to push myself. While working at Root to Rise, I was given the opportunity to go to spin classes. I fell in love with spinning right from the start and I knew I wanted to eventually become an instructor. While being an instructor I get to create fun and interesting playlists and workouts, also while inspiring others with life lessons and stories from my life. 
What’s at the Core: I was born and raised here in Port Clinton, Ohio my entire life. I have 2 older brothers and a very loving family. I graduated from Port Clinton High School in 2020. I am currently attending Terra State to Major in Physical Therapy. 
Personal Mantra: You don’t get where you want to be in life by wishing, only from working hard and pushing yourself to be better than you were the day before. 
Good for the Soul: I love spending all my free time on the water or riding the four wheeler with my boyfriend Brady. I also like to walk and play with my dog, Oakley. I enjoy spending time with my friends, family, and going shopping. 

Alyssa Recker

Called to service: As a kid, I grew up doing many physical activities such as softball, dance, track, volleyball, and basketball. While working at Root to Rise I fell in love with Rose and Melissa’s concept of wellness as well as cycling. Cycling is like no other sport. I am able to exploit myself through different types of music while pushing you to achieve your goals.
What's at the Core: I was born in 2004 in Tiffin, Ohio, and moved to Catawba with my family seven years ago. I grew up with three older brothers that have definitely made me stronger and who I am today. I am currently attending my senior year at Port Clinton High School and looking forward to continuing my academic career at college after 2022.
Personal Mantra: Follow your passion and everything will fall into place.
Good for the Soul: I love being with friends and family, spending time outside in nature as well as the lake. I enjoy fishing, traveling, cycling, and shopping in my free time!

tina roberts

Called to Service:  In 2014 I met Rose and worked with her to have mobile yoga at Crocker Park, and I took my first class.  I fell in love and then once she was teaching at McKenna’s Bed and Breakfast I would go to her classes there as well.  Yoga became not only a workout, but a way to unwind from all the stress life can bring.  I knew right away I wanted to teach someday, but finally made the time to take my RYT200 Soul Collective 2020.  Helping others relax, unwind, and feel at one with themselves has only made my love for yoga grow. Then in 2022 I decided to broaden my love for working out and relieving stress by getting certified to be a spin instructor, I am very excited to teach yoga and spin to develop even better friendships in this amazing community of Soul Stretch.
What's at the Core: 
My journey in life has not been a straight road, I have been through many curves and yoga has helped me accept the curves of my past and conquer the windy roads ahead of me. It’s all about the journey.  We all have our own journey and I am so thankful to be able to help others follow the path they desire.
Personal Mantra: 
Everything Happens for a reason, don’t stop believing.
Balancing off the Mat:  
Enjoying being partners with Rose at Root to Rise Wellness Café, working for Howard Hanna, still finding time to spend with my dog Annie, working out, and playing on the lake. 
Good for the Soul:   
My family, spending time with them.  My friends, laughing, listening and enjoying life.  Finding time alone to enjoy the peace and joy that life has to offer.