Class Schedule

Whether you are a beginner or an advanced rider, all our classes are appropriate for ANY fitness level.

weekly class schedule:

6am - Own Your Beat with Melissa
9am - Cycle 60 with Darla
5:30pm - Slow Ride with John
6am - Own Your Beat with Melissa
2pm - Slow Ride with John

7am - Cycle 60 with Alyssa
5:30pm - 80s Retro Ride with Sid
7am - Cycle 60 with Rose
9am - Super Soul Sunday Funday Ride with Rose
9am - Hair of the Dawg with Bloody Mary Bar 9/13-11/22 with Rose

cycle 60

Our signature class combines rhythmic moves with cycling techniques for a high-intensity workout designed to target your upper body, legs and core.  With the music as our inspiration and our exceptional instructors who love to motivate, it’s like a cardio dance party for your soul (includes 5 minute warm up, 50 minute ride and 5 minute stretch)

cycle 45

A shorter version of our signature class.  All the burn in less the time.

own your beat

a genre-fluid high energy class that combines; dynamic movement, high intensity interval training, and a concert like atmosphere.  We’ll run, sprint, push and fight through a workout that will leave your body and mind feeling empowered!

30/30 ride+boot camp

Indoor cycling meets boot camp with Tony! 30 minutes spin/30 minutes booth camp! Train to the meat with a 30-minute ride. Then come off the bike and train on the ground with a mix of cardio and body weight training which delivers a total body transformation.

back to the future 80's retro ride

Calling all 1980s aficionados! Let's get physical in the FUN NEW CLASS! Join Sid for a totally awesome 45 minute retro-sweat ride filled with iconic music from the time of your life.

slow ride

Take it easy and enjoy the cycle experience in this slower paced class set to some great music.  Gentle, but just as effective at building endurance and strength.  A perfect class to serve as your recovery ride.

super soul sunday funday ride (60 min)

Join teacher, coach and motivational speaker, Rose, every Sunday for a sacred experience that’s good for the mind, body and spirit.  You’ll not only work out, you’ll “work in” with this inspirational class designed to awaken you to a deeper sense of self.   Through breath, movement, music and message,  Rose will help connect you to your higher power so you can fulfill your higher purpose.